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Phoenix: Birding Reborn

Final E-Magazine Renderings Here (Optimized for iPad non-retina)

The Gist : Phoenix is a modern e-magazine focused on bird watching, or birding, aimed to let current birding enthusiasts to get new information, photos, and advice regarding birding while also appealing to a newer generation of bird watchers.

The Process : We found through competitive analysis that only two birding e-magazines existed, both with clunky and confusing interfaces and interactions. The project also included creating a design language, grid experimentation, and a great amount of iteration throughout the final half of the semester.

My Contribution : Mood boarding, design language, ideation, creation of Phoneix logo (using Adobe Illustrator), presentation/pitch

Skills Practiced : Competitive Analysis, Mood Boarding, Design Language, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

Group Members : Soyeon Hwang, Dave Luetger, and Auldyn Matthews


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