UX Research + Design
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Penn State College of Medicine Website Redesign

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Penn State College of Medicine

Journey mapping, persona creation, and website redesign

Skills Practiced

+ Website Design
+ Responsive Design
+ Information Architecture
+ DoGo Mapping
+ Usability Testing

Awards (presented to REd Privet)

+ 2016 Web Marketing Association Mobile Web Award
Best Education Mobile Website

+ 2016 Horizon Interactive Award
Gold Winner, Websites - School / University

+ 2016 Horizon Interactive Award
Bronze Winner, Websites - Responsive / Mobile Design


The Red Privet responsive redesign of College of Medicine's went through an end-to-end human-centered design process, beginning with formative research, ideation, and usability testing. Leading the design work on this project as a Senior Experience Designer at the time, it was a great opportunity to improve the web experience for the College of Medicine.

Project Challenges

1. Designing for Quick Decisions: We discovered prospective medical students apply to over 40 schools and only take 30-60 seconds to decide to apply to a medical school based on their website. What’s most important? Images, not words.

2. Architecting a 1000+ Page Website: Lissa Richards and I used DoGo mapping as an activity to help us create a flow based on user tasks and create order out of chaos. This work took over 2 months, but Tree Jack tested highly successfully. (We loved this method so much, we presented the case study at World IA Day Pittsburgh 2016.)

3. Creating a Design System Across Penn State: The Penn State College of Medicine site redesign occurred alongside the Penn State Children’s Hospital redesign. Collaborating with Lissa Richards and Becky Chan, we created a system of atomic design using principles from Material Design with reusable mobile-first components that Penn State could use for future needs.