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Pearson MHCI Capstone Project

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Pearson Education MHCI Capstone Project

Investigate the informational data needs of education stakeholders

Skills Practiced

+ Contextual Inquiry
+ Contextual Design
+ Paper Prototyping
+ Usability Testing
+ Workshop Facilitation

Team Members

Stephanie Butler
Paul Mandel
KeVon Ticer
Nina Xu


Instead of a thesis, I worked on a team with 4 other MHCI students for 8 months on a project brought to Carnegie Mellon by Pearson Education.

The first semester of the project, we investigated the data and information needs of education stakeholders through contextual inquiries by visiting campuses all over the United States. We synthesized our data using methods such as flow diagramming, cultural modeling, and affinity diagramming from Contextual Design.

In the following semester, the team designed and developed prototypes from paper, low-fidelity concepts to high-fidelity HTML prototypes, testing 6 times throughout the semester with end users at local institutions.

Ultimately, we delivered a working HTML prototype with D3 data visualizations, research findings, and presentations for stakeholders at Pearson.

Note: Due to the nature of the project, I am unable to discuss or present mockups of the designs publicly.