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Geisinger Health Plan: Member Experience Strategy & Journey Mapping

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Geisinger Health Plan

Journey mapping the current and future member experience

Skills Practiced

+ Journey Mapping Workshops
+ Journey Map Creation
+ User Interviews
+ Workshop Facilitation


Geisinger Health Plan was a strategy and journey mapping project I worked on while as a Senior Experience Designer at Red Privet. I worked with a team at Red Privet to dive into the process of creating current and future state journey mapping. Through the project, I led journey mapping workshops, collaborated with stakeholders, and helped create journey mapping deliverables.

Project Challenges

1. Keeping Calm: Being able to stay emotionally grounded was incredibly difficult through this project. We often interacted with patients with cancer, extreme financial need, and those with limited mobility. This project taught me how to stay humble while still achieving the balance of project goals and business needs.

2. Developing a Metrics Plan with the Google HEART Framework: As with any health insurance company, Geisinger had plenty of KPOs and success metrics riding on the solutions we created in the future state journey maps. My colleague, Lissa Richards, and I developed a detailed Excel spreadsheet tracking these metrics and categorized them based on the Google HEART framework. We found through creating this spreadsheet, it created an actionable and living document that our client could take past our project to attain the goals identified in journey mapping workshops.