UX Research + Design
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Monster Mashup: A Game to Teach Probability


Monster Mashup

A Game to Teach Probability


Skills Practiced

+ Educational Game Design
+ Game Design
+ Playtesting
+ UI Design
+ UX Design

Team members

+ Dave Faulkner
+ Erik Harpstead
+ Keegan Kaya McGee


Monster Mashup teaches middle schoolers basic probability through a video game based around a monster generator. Through the instruction of Dr. What, students are able to learn the principles of probability through play.

Monster Mashup was developed through the last 8 weeks of a semester-long class, "Designing Educational Games". Our goal was to teach the Common Core Math Standard for basic probability covered in 6th - 8th grade. We ideated, played around with Flash and Unity engines, and prototyped during the first 5 weeks. Playtesting and building out the game took the last 3 weeks of the project. It took a bit of tinkering to balance the game and educational pieces of this game to ensure kids were actually learning the probability lessons while still enjoying the game. The aesthetics and character of Dr. What were crucial in creating a joyful environment for students we playtested with locally.