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Master the Masterpiece: A Color Theory Game


Master the Masterpiece

A Color Theory Game


Skills Practiced

+ Color Theory
+ Game Design
+ Playtesting


The Game: Each player is an art forger trying to make the most accurate recreations of some of the greatest paintings known to art history. They’ve been hired by a curator at the Museum of Art and the curator is interested in only hiring the best. Each player must learn and train their eye to understand color in order to collect the most accurate color palettes to paint each masterpiece. The first forger to finish 3 masterpieces wins the game.

This game was part of a Carnegie Mellon class, "Game Design", with Jesse Schell. The objective of this assignment was to create a game to playtest at least 3 times. Through 6 rounds of playtesting, I found it was a similar iterative process to UX design. My first idea was to just match colors and didn't have the component of being an art forger. However, as I iterated through, I found the storyline to keep people having fun with calling other players out. This not only helped with practicing color theory by checking each other's colors, but also added an interactive element to the play.