UX Research + Design

Geometry Interface to Test Eye-Tracking of Novices


Geometry Interface to Test Eye-Tracking of Novices


Skills Practiced

+ Actionscript 2.0
+ Experiment Design
+ Eye-Tracking
+ Usability Testing


Pursued as an independent study class under Dr. Vincent Aleven at Carnegie Mellon, I explored how eye-tracking movement may differ between novices and experts when reviewing geometric topics. I first reviewed current literature on eye-tracking and gaze in education. I discovered there was a question of whether novices differ in where they looked on the screen when reviewing examples and then solving geometry problems.

Finding this is a new space for education research, I taught myself Actionscript 2.0 in Flash and built an interface using to create an interactive space to help novices understand the key aspects of a diagram related to a theorem, specifically the Exterior Angle Theorem.

Unfortunately, the results were inconclusive, that novices did not significantly differ in their eye movements after reviewing and beginning to master the geometry concept. However, the question was left open whether novices differ significantly from masters of the topics. A study for another time.