UX Research + Design
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Geisinger's ProvenExperience Mobile App Design

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Geisinger's ProvenExperience Mobile Application

A mobile application that lets patients request copay refunds

Skills Practiced

+ Mobile App Design
+ Intercept Testing
+ Usability Testing

Awards (presented to REd Privet)

+ 2016 Web Marketing Association Mobile Web Award
Best Healthcare Mobile Website

+ 2016 Horizon Interactive Award
Bronze Winner, Mobile Apps - Business


Working on a team at Red Privet designing Geisinger's ProvenExperience application was a great opportunity to not only get to design a mobile app, but also practice intercept testing in waiting rooms with patients. During the project, our team closely collaborated with patients, doctors, and stakeholders to provide the best experience in a mobile application to both users and our client, Geisinger.

Project Challenges

1. Creating a Holistic Experience from One Requirement: Our main goal was to create an app where patients could request a refund, but for me this wasn’t enough. We discovered through research that refunds are the end effect of a conversation between a company and a customer. Instead, we opened the app to include a feedback experience to give praise to staff as much as request a refund. Through research, users vocalized how much they appreciated the idea of being able to give positive feedback as much as negative.

2. Intercepting Patients in Waiting Rooms: Patients in waiting rooms are nervous, sick, or on edge. Asking them to participate in research is often awkward and distracting. However, through practice and with 3 studies, I used paper printouts as a way to casually show concepts, and even printed InVision prototypes to gather data instead of bringing in computers as a way of meeting patients were they were emotionally.