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Capstone Project with Pearson Education

Capstone Project with Pearson Education

The Gist : Using human-centered research and design techniques, including Contextual Inquiry and Contextual Design, explore the informational needs of education stakeholders to improve the effectiveness of online learning tools.

My Role : Design Co-Lead

The Process : Solidus is an interdisciplinary team of MHCI students working on an 8 month long project with Pearson Education. Spring semester of the project, we investigated the information needs of education stakeholders. We primarily used Contextual Inquiries for data gathering. We also synthesized our data using methods such as flow diagramming, cultural modeling, and affinitying. In the Summer semester, we designed and developed an interactive prototype through using Contextual Design and an iterative model of design (design, prototype, evaluate).

My Contribution : As design co-lead, I worked with others on all design aspects, including visual design, interaction design, and user-experience design from concept to implementation.

Team Members: Stephanie Butler, Paul MandelKeVon Ticer, and Nina Xu


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Capstone Project with Pearson Education

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